Sharon Hagan

M.A. in Adult Education from the University of Florida, summa cum laude

B.S. Business Education, Florida State University

Pastor’s wife

Public high school teacher 37 years; Christian educator beginning at age 17; Information Systems Tecnology Adjunct Instructor, community college

Extensive travel in US, UK, and Europe

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Wars in the human struggle exist, and Christians know who wins in the end.  Meantime we fight.   Mission ventures of my husband include going to Mexico, Guatemala, and Ukraine, war torn areas.  Our sons have been to Bahamas on Missions trips in their teens.  A granddaughter has been to Uganda and worked with children who … Continue reading War


There are places and times God needs us to go that are not convenient in following God.  There are jobs to do that are not very inviting to us.  We have a free choice, and leadership may need us to go.  Christians find ministry callings, but we are also called to do whatsoever our hands … Continue reading Need

Parent Puzzles

In looking at the spiritual part of life’s puzzle, a mature balanced perspective of God will lead to a church body that does not make unbalanced promises, but teaches about a caring, faithful God who desires to be an integral part of daily activities.  In Faith that Hurts and Faith that Heals, by Arterburn and … Continue reading Parent Puzzles


God showed me that we need to ask for More. Prayers answered increases faith and should be shared. Our first grandchild was born with a serious infection and not expected to live.  When her younger brother John was born a couple of years later in the same hospital, the nurses saw an older child talking, … Continue reading More

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